Fire protection and safety is a growing matter of interest for several commercial proprietors and home owners. No one is willing to face the devastation caused by a fire by way of loss of lives and damage to valuable property. In order to equip themselves with the best firefighting solutions that are also affordable, customers often go for the trusty and reliable fire extinguisher. However, at the time of making the purchase and having it installed at all corners of the office or home, customers do not realize that fire extinguishers are not everlasting and have to be maintained regularly.

Contrary to popular understanding, the annual maintenance of fire extinguishers is not just another business expense. In fact, it is mandated by guidelines established by the National Fire Protection Association as well as local fire codes and standards. Naturally, the next step would be to hire an experienced firm to carry out your fire extinguisher services. But before that, here are a list of reasons why having your equipment frequently inspected and maintained can make your life a whole easier!

types of fire extinguishers
  1. Ensures fire extinguishers are located correctly
  2. Decreases fire risk level
  3. Helps detect signs of tampering
  4. Assesses established design of fire and emergency exits
  5. Keeps you in accordance with NFPA standards
  6. Guarantees your fire extinguishers are ready to fight fires
  7. Let’s you know if your fire extinguishers need to be replaced
  8. Updates you on the latest practices and developments in fire safety
  9. Helps mitigate loopholes in your fire safety plans
  10.  Makes sure fire extinguishers are in sync with rest of the fire protection system
  11. Knowledgeable and qualified fire safety technicians can carry out the inspection
  12. You can avail package deals which makes the procedures considerably cheaper
  13. Can benefit inventory management exercises at the factory or other work spaces
  14. Services are usually applicable for all types of fire extinguishers
  15. Keep your mind at ease knowing that you are fully prepared to confront any fire hazard

In summary

Even a small fire can spread in a matter of minutes and tear through your property before consuming it all in a nightmarish blaze. This is especially true in metropolitan cities such as Bangalore where fire safety is often taken for granted. In such a case, having a portable fire extinguisher is the best tool one can use to fight and suppress a small fire. SRJ Piping India is one of the most trusted firms in Bangalore when it comes to offering fire safety equipment and services. Our main goal is to prevent residential and commercial clients from having to worry about fires as we help them build a safe environment that no fire can burn down. We have a team of professionals who can cater to all your fire safety needs. In times of fire, prevention is surely better than the cure.