SRJ undertakes all types of industrial piping specked to the highest gradient to match individual client requirements.Drop by our office and we can help you realize your ambitions for the project.
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Do you have problems with your plumbing? Are you confused about selecting materials for your pipes? SRJ Piping is happy to help you overcome challenges in process piping. We intend to do that by devising inventive piping solutions combined with meticulous project planning and scheduling. Our multitude of services includes installing commercial plumbing systems, undertaking repair of process systems, and selecting the right materials for the job. In addition, we provide consultation services related to system trials, pipe markings and so on.

Type of services undertaken in these sectors

Corrosion protection services


SRJ Group along with Denso work along side to prevent and solve existing corrosion issues with piping and steel structures. We all know the huge costs incurred due to corrosion resulting in installation of new materials and added structural risks. With the use of patented technology Archco-Rigidon reinforced corrosion prevention systems to treat corroded pipes and steel structures, we are able to solve this issue once and for all. We also use petrolatum tape coating to wrap around the material to prevent and stop corrosion. We stand by our service and provide a guarantee of 20 years no-corrosion with the use of these intricate technology. Contact us for additional information about this particular service and we will provide the best solutionCorrosion protection service

Why choose us?

Since the inception of SRJ Piping, we have maintained a work history that is devoid of any accidents on-site. For us, safety always comes first and sticking to the project deadline comes a close second. Don’t believe us? Speak to any of our clients and they will definitely attest to our glowing, accident-free record of operations. Tens of thousands of hours spent in this field has given us the edge over our competitions in knowledge and installation standards which yields consistent high customer satisfaction.

Industrial piping cost estimates

If you are interested in working with SRJ for any industrial piping design, installation, or service, we can provide you with a no obligation consultation. After the initial consultation, our staff will review your application and respond with a quote that has been worked out explicitly for you. Needless to say, our prices are heavily dependent on the magnitude of the project. Once both parties have reached a consensus, we’ll commence working on your project in no time!


  1. Can you define the term ‘pipe fittings’?
 To put it simply, pipe fixtures are objects whose main purpose is to conjoin two or more pipes. Today, there are several different types of pipe fittings available on the market. They are classified based on numerous characteristics such as shape, size, and material. The most common type of pipe fittings are adapters, flanges, sleeves, valves, bulkheads, elbows, reducers, and tees to name a few.

2. How are pipe fittings generally classified??

Any engineer or piping specialist is able to identify a pipe fixture by either examining the material from which it is made, its diameters, and the interior of the fixture (threading, slip, etc.).

3. Can the material of the pipe fitting really make a difference?

Yes, every project is treated individually with custom material and execution based on particular supportive requirement.

4. What is average project duration?

Project duration varies from one another based on the size of the project and materials required to execute. However, we at SRJ focus on executing a project in a timely manner and tend to finish it before due date.

SRJ 24/7 Service

There are many companies out there that can provide these services or help clear buildings of fire department violations, but there are only a few that have the experience, availability and quality of service of SRJ as we are available to make repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Call us today for your repairs and maintenance with your Fire protection system to keep them in check and running beyond standards.


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