Our History

a little bit About us

The Company.


S.R.Jadhav & co was established in the year 1985, with the sole purpose to provide quality and systematic execution of all industrial and piping solutions catered to the Indian market. With what started as a temporary job by our CEO Prakash Jadhav soon turned into a full fledged business. Boosting over 100 clients and numerous successful projects such as for Bangalore international airport, Harley Davidson and multiple projects for Bosch India. Our company now has over 80 full time employees and 100 part time.  

S.R.JADHAV has now diversified and set up a sister company SRJ PIPING INDIA PVT LTD, particularly to undertake multinational projects and cater to long term projects in India. SRJ Piping and SRJADHAV collaboratively called SRJ GROUP, is classified as leaders and innovators in the piping service industry having achieved multiple awards and recognition of excellence for our work proves the kind of work we instill in our company.Having our core principles which is Caring, High Standards, Making a Difference, Respect, and Empowerment hover over us at all time and stood as a guiding light in all our endevours. 

So come be a part of our legacy as to establish ourselves as India’s leading piping service providers. 



Our mission is to combine the skills and attributes of our workforce with a commitment to effectively provide a professional and high quality level of service. The purpose is to fulfill the requirements of all our varied clients to their complete satisfaction and do it economically.


In caring for people, we look after the heath and well being of those that work for us, with us and those we work for. We care about our company member’s development both in and out of work. We respect all properties whether rented or private because we still view this as the persons home.


We at SRJ believe in delivering beyond standards and to fulfill the needs of our clients in all ways possible so as to make it a smooth hassle free experience. Our word is our commitment and we will stand by it forever.


It all comes down to our core values which is Caring, High Standards, Making a Difference, Respect, and Empowerment. This is what keeps us going on and delivering excellency