Annual Maintenance contract (amc)

Fire protection focussed to keep equipment in top quality standards and keep safety as a priority.

Srj group annual maintenance contract

Expert AMC protocol

At SRJ Group, we are always one step ahead when it comes to safety measures and maintaining equipment responsible for deterring any fire hazard. Be it in any application or industry such as manufacturing, industrial, hospitality, banking etc, we are there to provide a thorough maintenance and supply of adequate tools and tackles to avoid any mishap. 

With our deep experience and history of 35 years in the fire protocol industry, we are sure to provide the best solutions to your business when it comes to dealing with fire hazards and keeping equipment in top shape.

Our organisation offers Services in this vertical in 3 aspects, discussed below: 

1. 1.1 Fire Extinguisher servicing

There are several reasons why it’s crucial that you have your fire extinguisher inspected on a regular basis. For instance, an extinguisher that’s been depressurized may not function properly. Additionally, an extinguisher with improper labelling can result in you ineffectively using the device for the wrong kind of fire.

A damaged extinguisher or missing pin might mean that it has been tampered with, and could, therefore, malfunction. Of course, failure to keep up with regular fire extinguisher inspection puts you in violation of local fire codes and in turn, subject to a fine. Most importantly Safety of individuals can be compromised, which is far too big a risk. Hence we cannot stress the importance of regularly checking and maintaining your fire equipments.

Leave this to us, we at SRJ are passionate in providing AMC services for you, so you can sleep well at night without a doubt of fear. We take an extreme checklist of steps in making sure no equipment is old, mishandled , leaking or depressurised to make sure when it’s needed it works exactly as anticipated.

1.1.2. Fire Hydrant servicing

Fire hydrant maintenance is often overlooked, but if your equipment is not properly maintained it will be useless in a fire. To keep your fire hydrant working at its full capacity it is important that you don’t skip out on routine maintenance. Our technicians will assess the current condition of your fire hydrant and look for any potential problems that may need to be fixed. We’ll flush your fire hydrant to remove debris from the system and winterize it so that it is less likely to freeze.

Fire hydrants must always be operable and capable of providing adequate fire protection, so systematic maintenance and inspection are vital. Repairs can be scheduled proactively instead of reactively, and problems can be dealt with before they become catastrophic. 

SRJ group’s expert technical expertise is vital to help maintain your fire hydrants so no safety is compromised. Call us today and we will guide you on the steps to take to secure your fire protection systems.

2. Fire Extinguisher refilling

Many customers wonder why their fire extinguisher needs to be refilled when they’ve never actually used it. The answer is simple like almost anything in this world, normal wear and tear can cause an unused fire extinguisher to become damaged or not work properly. While they are generally very durable, they can still suffer leaks, bumps, and rusting.

Those who have recently discharged (used) their fire extinguisher should have them professionally serviced immediately. Whenever a fire extinguisher is used, it is imperative that it be recharged within a reasonable amount of time so that it is ready to use in the event of another emergency.

Are your fire extinguishers in need of servicing?

Contact the professional at SRJ Piping India Pvt Ltd   provide you with prompt and efficient fire extinguisher servicing

3. Upgrades & fittings

We also provide upgrades and new fittings for your existing sprinkler systems, gas based expression system, flexible hose fire suppression systems, fire detection and control systems.

As per Section BIS 2190 of the Law demands that fire extinguishers must be refilled by the manufacturer or authorized vendors only. It further instructs you to keep 10 % surplus fire extinguishers on premises, in case of downtime due to any maintenance.

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The Importance of a Fire Extinguisher Inspection...

Our well qualified & trained engineers will be deployed at your facility to monitor, maintain and manage your Fire Fighting Systems. Through this maintenance service, we can maintain the smooth & error free functionality of the Fire Fighting systems.

We undertake AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) of Fire Fighting Systems for each product. It is a full-fledged team that takes the burden of managing all your Fire Detection & Protection Systems off your shoulders.

A fire extinguisher is probably the first thing that comes to mind when a person thinks of fire protection. These convenient life-saving devices can be found in almost any type of building including schools, medical facilities, and government institutions. While many people understand that fire extinguishers are useful tools in primary fire protection, they don’t fully understand the need for routine inspections and maintenance.



Our experience of over 35 years in the industry will surely speak for itself when it comes down to fire safety and maintenance.

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