Initiation & Planning

A Qualified person from our team will visit the site and meet with people there to understand the exact scope of work. Our team will give suggestions on the most feasible way to carry out the project which will save time and cost for the client. Our main goal is the finish the work in the least time taken and by spending the most minimum amount necessary.


Once we get the order from our client, Our in-house design team will get on this and provide the client the best way to execute the project and also give alternatives incase any problems occur. We always have more than one plan just to be sure that everything moves seamlessly incase anything is bound to happen. Our design team adhere to each of the state and international regulations and codes is met while respecting the vision of the client as well as ensuring that the newly erected  structure or piping systems will be usable




Once the design has been approved and finalized then our procurement team will start to order all the required materials according to the drawings and BOQ that have been finalized. We will set up a material yard at site which will be completely barricaded and guarded. Our team will begin procuring and unloading the relevant materials at the site yard only after final approval from the client. We make sure that the materials are all top quality and our team at site will review each and every material ordered and check for damages. Damaged material will be sent back to the supplier and replaced with fresh stock immediately.


A schedule is made by our team so we can keep up to date with it. Most of our projects are finished before the schedule in case of good planning by the PMC. We have never delayed in handing over any project and take pride in it. In the execution phase a team will be deputed solely for managing this one particular project. They will update the clients on a daily basis and will monitor each and every work that will be carried out by our skilled labor team. Performance and safety is our top priority and our team will make sure to deliver the best to our client without any hassle.





The closure phase begins after our team has completed all the deliverables of a particular project. However, during this time, it is likely that there are still tasks left to be done such as assessing the work carried out, Accounting for the budget, accounting unused materials at site, handing over of the documents, testing the systems installed, commissioning of the systems and any other licensing required for the same. At SRJ we promise to take care of the entire project from the start which is the design phase till testing and commissioning and acquiring of required licenses. We will close the project only once the client is satisfied and doesn’t need our service for any other works.