5 Things Fire Extinguisher Services in Bangalore Have Done in 2020

      How many times have you casually strolled past a fire extinguisher that was mounted on a wall or tucked away in a corner? Have you ever wondered what you would do with that extinguisher in the case of a small yet deadly fire? Do you even know if it is in good working condition? When it comes to suppressing small workplace fires and avoiding catastrophe, fire extinguishers are really one-of-a-kind. At first sight, they may not seem like much but a fully-charged fire extinguisher can make all the difference between saving lives or devastating losses. However, it must be noted that fire extinguishers can only come in handy when they have been frequently serviced. Here are five reasons why you should always ensure the proper maintenance of fire extinguishers.

stainless steel fabrication
  1. Rigorous inspection of fire extinguishers All types of fire extinguishers need to undergo monthly or annual inspections by trained experts. While carrying out the inspection process, technicians need to look for valid maintenance tags, whether the tamper seal is intact, whether the nameplate is visible and so on.
  2. Getting rid of corrosion Since extinguishers are fabricated from either steel or aluminium, they are bound to undergo corrosion which may hamper the internal pressure. Servicing a fire extinguisher service includes a thorough evaluation of the internal and external condition of the fire safety device.
  3. Preventing tampering of fire extinguishers usually exist in public spaces as they need to be accessible to everyone. This carries an inadvertent disadvantage since more people are likely to tamper with the device. A broken head cap seal or locking pin, leaky cylinders, loose hoses, etc., are all signs that the extinguisher has been meddled with.
  4. Making sure hoses are free from blockages A fire extinguisher with a blocked hose is as good as no fire extinguisher at all. This particular component of the extinguisher is crucial in discharging the fire-suppression liquids or foam. But it is not unusual for these hoses to get blocked by debris or insects. Qualified engineers must be called in to replace these hoses as well as the connector O-rings.
  5. Recharging cylinders with proper contents. The most common problem encountered with regards to fire extinguishers is a leakage. Every one of these devices carries a label that display’s weight of the extinguisher. In such cases, engineers must first investigate the cause of the leakage and take further action to ensure that the device is restored to its usual working condition. Apart from these basic issues, fire extinguishers undergo a host of problems that need to be addressed as soon as possible. With the next fire incident waiting around the corner, maintaining and servicing these fire safety devices must be the topmost priority for any business owner or landlord. One of the best reasons to get your fire extinguishers inspected is that it costs next to nothing. With the affordable prices offered by SRJ Piping India, you will never regret going the extra mile and getting your fire systems serviced from the most proficient experts in the city.