In today’s fast-paced world, it is fair to say that protection against fires is a concern for everyone. No matter what the locality, structure, or material of the building, the possibility of it going up in flames is always present. Unless, of course, businessmen and homeowners have invested in viable fire protection systems that are equipped to tackle the flames in any given situation. One such investment that guarantees plenty of returns in the form of saving lives and safeguarding assets, is the fire extinguisher. Since its invention, the humble fire extinguisher has become a hit among customers. People simply do not want to take the risk of putting their entire lives’ work on the incendiary line. In the face of possible (almost inevitable) flaming disasters, the fire extinguisher seems like an entirely trustworthy, affordable choice. In this article, we will be examining why fire extinguishers are always the go-to fire safety device in metropolitan cities like Bangalore.

Why are cities so vulnerable to fires?

Before we discuss the reason why fire extinguisher services are famous all over Bangalore, let us take a look at what makes rapidly-growing cities especially susceptible to fires. India is a country which is experiencing urbanization of cities and towns at a near-incredible rate of growth. Due to this phenomenon, fire safety has risen as the topmost priority for society and authorities alike. Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore are some of the most densely populated cities in the world. These urban agglomerations are becoming more and more crowded by the minute and there’s not much anyone can do to stop it. But, that does not mean you can’t be prepared before stepping into a deadly inferno. Although it stands behind Mumbai in terms of fire incidents, Bangalore has a devastating history of fires ripping through buildings and resulting in mass casualties. Knowing full well Bangalore’s vulnerability to fires, it is easy to figure out why the city’s residents are eager on taking fire safety precautions know matter where they work or live.

What does it have to do with fire extinguisher services?

Talking about previous instances of blazes in Bangalore, one might wonder what any of it has to do with fire extinguishers and fire extinguisher services. After all, it is highly unlikely that the solution to such a massive predicament be present in a small, red-colored, cylindrical object right? Wrong. Data collected and analyzed by several research studies clearly show that almost 95% of fires can be successfully put out by fire extinguishers. Suffice to say, fire extinguishers have one of the best success rates among all other fire protection systems including sprinklers, fire hydrants, etc.

In view of this information, you might get a sense of why it is so crucial to regularly maintain and service all your fire extinguishers. Just like any other device, fire extinguishers do not last forever. In fact, its intricate design and scientific mechanism demands frequent attention.