Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems


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Installing a fire sprinkler system can be an overwhelming task as the technical jargon involved is bound to put anyone in a state of confusion. Contrary to popular belief, business owners looking to secure their workplace from fires cannot merely approach the nearest store and pick a fire protection system off the shelf. The various types of Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems that are available on the market have been designed in such a way that they are able to address specific instances of fire.

Consumers are likely to have different requirements when it comes to choosing a Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems that is appropriate for their situation. While most landlords or business owners opt for a basic wet pipe sprinkler system, there might be other occasions that call for a more sophisticated form of sprinkler system. In this article, we examine one such advanced form of sprinkler system known as pre-action fire sprinklers.

What is a pre-action fire sprinkler systems?

It is fair to say that pre-action sprinklers broadly belong to the category of dry pipe fire sprinkler systems as they also contain compressed air in the piping. However, unlike dry pipe sprinklers, water is only deployed from pre-action sprinklers after a supplemental detection system is activated. Otherwise, the water supply is withheld by a pre-action valve and does not enter the sprinkler pipes.

In the event of a fire, the pre-action sprinkler first deploys the compressed or dry air to douse the flames. But if the fire continues developing and exceeds a pre-determined level of heat, then the detection system is activated and water is sprayed over the fire. This type of system is commonly referred to as a single interlock system. On the other hand, the double interlock system uses nitrogen or pressurized air even during the second firefighting attempt.

When do you opt for a pre-action sprinkler system?

Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems

As a business owner, there are several factors that one needs to consider while installing a fire protection system. What if your assets that you want to protect do not react well to even a single drop of water? How about if you work in a building that is known to have water supply problems? 

And What if your fire sprinklers are activated due to a minor fire in the establishment, thereby leading to days of production downtime? Pre-action systems were invented so as to provide answers for all of these questions. The accidental activation of sprinklers is not an uncommon occurrence and it can inflict irreversible damage on the very property that you would like to protect. 

Such risks are substantially mitigated with the installation of pre-action deluge systems. Additionally, pre-action sprinklers are also a great choice if you’re worried about leaks in the pipe. This is because such sprinklers facilitate the easy detection of water or air leaks. The locations that are most in need of pre-action sprinklers are archival vaults, museums, libraries, computer data centres, and cold storage warehouses to name a few.