If you’ve been watching the news, you must be aware of the numerous fire incidents that routinely take place in different parts of the country. Last year alone, India was devastated by three fatal fires that broke out in a Mumbai hotel, a temple in Madurai, and a factory in Delhi. Not just that, these incidents were earmarked as the deadliest ones as they resulted in mass casualties and caused irreparable damage to property. Yet, investigations revealed that the incendiary events were just waiting to happen. If you need further proof that fire accidents in India are largely unabated, here’s a report published by FICCI-Pinkerton that will be sure to convince you. This risk survey carried out in 2017 designates fire as the 4th highest natural risk that plagues Indian factories and businesses.

Although awareness around fire prevention and safety has increased in recent times, there are several fallacies out there that need to be immediately debunked. One such popular myth concerning fire safety is that installing a fire protection system is the final step to everlasting protection. That is what one might call total FAKE NEWS!

Any safety expert will tell you that fire protection systems will inevitably age and turn defective. It is up to us to regularly inspect and maintain them. In this spirit, here are the top 5 reasons to check up on your fire protection system ASAP.

  1. Respect the Law

    If you’re reluctant to have your fire protection system inspected, do it simply because it’s the law. You would probably agree that the last thing any factory-owner or building proprietor needs is to get in trouble with the authorities. For no other reason than it could be extremely bad for business. Most local agencies and government bodies have stringent requirements that mandate a frequent inspection of all the firefighting equipment on the premises. By carrying out these rigorous checks, you can rest easy knowing that your business is in full compliance with the law.

  2. Have your Employees’ Back

    Aside from obeying building codes and standards, a great reason to have your fire protection systems inspected is that it helps save lives. Literally! Factory floors and high-rise offices are usually teeming with people who are going about their work. Apart from the usual occupants, there might be a significant number of individuals who are simply in the building for an appointment. When summed up, the total figure is high. As the manager or boss, it is your responsibility to ensure all of their safety. While installing a fire protection system is a great step in that direction, guaranteeing that the devices are fully-functional all the time is key.

  3. Money Saved is Money Earned

    Worried about racking up unaffordable inspection charges? Well, let us tell you right now that taking your fire protection system for granted will end up costing you a lot more. When a fire erupts at a commercial space, property damage and business downtime are not the only consequences. Your company might be opening itself up to enormous lawsuits filed on behalf of injured employees or customers. You could actually end up saving money by maintaining your fire protection system as it would decrease your insurance premiums.

  4. No More False Alarms

    You could purchase the highest-priced, state-of-the-art fire protection system on the market and it would still be vulnerable to some malfunction. Defectiveness among fire protection systems is fairly common as they are made up of several delicate electrical parts. This is primarily why false alarms are also a regular event, especially when a fire protection system hasn’t been inspected recently. The only certified solution is to carry out regular testing of fire protection devices such as smoke alarms and heat detectors. False alarms are a nuisance to workplaces as they result in a wastage of time and money. It is also likely that your firm will be slapped with a hefty fine by the Fire Department in such cases.

  5. Prevention is the cure

    Finally, the last reason why you should have your fire protection system inspected is to protect your investment. Obviously fire protection systems don’t come cheap. Their prices are increasing every day and you don’t want to splurge on a new one just yet. Your fire protection system can last beyond its shelf life as long as you commit to a strict schedule of inspections. If you’re in doubt about how to inspect fire safety systems, just pick up the phone and call in a pro like SRJ Piping India. We have a great team of experienced engineers who will take it from there. For more information, visit www.srjpipingindia.com..